1. To launch a project like YONA successfully, one needs to find a location and community which can act as a gateway to other parts of the capital, as well as the rest of the country. From this gateway location it can spread to other locations.
  2. SPS has been identified by the Department of Education as head of a cluster of 6 schools in Windhoek. These schools co-operate on academic matters, and on the sports field. Once YONA at SPS is established, it can also start reaching out to the other schools in the cluster.
  3. To make this a truly Namibian venture, the aim should be to encourage Namibians from all cultures and backgrounds to take part. The geographical position of SPS is such that it can cultivate a body of musicians that is representative of Namibia; thus fostering unity in diversity.
  4. SPS has a diverse student body, representative of most of the cultures in Namibia.
  5. Many of the SPS students commute from other parts of the city, especially from Katutura. By giving these children access to a music education, communities outside the boundaries of Suiderhof are also impacted.
  6. Many of the SPS students come from low-income families; and many of them also need food packages provided daily. It is precisely these children who also stay at the school until late in the afternoon, and can benefit hugely from an orchestra project.
  7. However, there are also some SPS parents who have good jobs and have leadership roles in the community. This makes the program more viable; as parent involvement is crucial to the success of the program.
  8. SPS has a fair-sized hall with a Kawai Grand Piano, dating from the 1970s or80s. The school also has some percussion instruments and some more pianos in smaller music rooms (although the rooms are currently being used for storage). The other class rooms are of a good size. The existing infrastructure makes SPS an ideal place to start this project.
  9. Once the program runs well, the project will be opened to anyone interested, and it is hoped that many children from the surrounding suburbs would also join YONA. This is important; because YONA build bridges between Namibians from all backgrounds. It should be noted that no person would be excluded because of the inability to pay for lessons.
  10. It should be made clear to the community that there is a cost involved to receive music tuition. This ensures the sustainability of the project; and also educates the public that music tuition has value and should be appreciated. However; no person should be excluded because of the inability to pay for lessons. Bursaries are to be award to all children in need of financial assistance. Some might only partial bursaries; others will need to have all their costs covered. A suitable application system will be put into place.