Ages are only guidelines: admission to the following stage is dependent on level of playing. Admittance to a new stage is determined by audition.

NAWA NOTES (small children – age 6-11)

Introduction to rhythm, melody and music notation

  • Introduction to rhythm, melody and music notation
  • Percussion ensemble
  • Recorder orchestra
  • String orchestra (violin and cello)

KEYNOTES (pre-teens and teens – age 12-16)

More advanced musical education; theory of music

  • Intermediate Percussion Ensemble
  • Wind orchestra
  • Intermediate string orchestra
  • Individual lessons as well as group rehearsals

YOUTH SYMPHONY (teens and young adults – age 16-24)

  • A full symphony orchestra, comprising of Strings, Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion
  • Individual lessons as well as group rehearsals


Holiday Camps and Weekend Festivals

To augment the effect of orchestra rehearsals and lessons in term time; holiday camps can be organized for more focused orchestra rehearsals, culminating in public performances. Holiday camps are also an ideal way to liaise with existing music projects, such as APA in Tsumeb, and Otjikondo Primary school.
Whenever an expert teacher or musician visits the area, instrumental festivals can be held to learn from a master; e.g. violin, clarinet, cello, bassoon, flute, percussion festivals.


Regular concerts are an integral part of YONA. Performances do not only have to be in traditional venues, but shopping malls, sports venues, schools, churches and old age homes are all possible venues. YONA must serve the community by bringing music to them.